Musings on the Amidah, Part 3

The cruel God. The harsh judge. The unfeeling absolute.

I can

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2 Responses to Musings on the Amidah, Part 3

  1. Tracy Dickerson says:


    As always, well said! You always seem to be able to nail it. In particular, your insight with regard to God inspiring complaints and laments is intriguing. I hope you don’t mind if I one day quote you on: “Love is not rational, but I believe in it all the same.” It’s quite quotable.


    P.S. Head on over the the Jesus Creed site. They’re having some rather interesting discussions on sacred spaces of worship that I thought you’d find interesting…

  2. Shalom Bayit says:

    Yashe Koach.

    Good response also to Christopher Hitchens. However I think he strikes a bit closer to the target when he comments on how religion can make otherwise good people do bad things.

    Take for example the good Christian people who defended Mel Gibson.

    And BTW I still think his critique of “The Passion” is the best I have seen.

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