A New Look at Paul, Judgment According to Works

This is the fourth in a series on New Perspectives on Paul, especially from a paper by N.T. Wright outlining five crucial points for Paul that have been newly understood with the advancement of our knowledge about Second Temple Judaism. We have already discussed two of the five points: (1) the gospel is not how to be saved but the message that Yeshua is Messiah and Lord and (2) the righteousness of God is God’s plan of saving and pardoning according to covenant mercy and does not mean that God imputes his own righteousness into believers (righteousness from God). Now in this fourth installment, I will take on the controversial teaching of Paul that our judgment will be according to works

For he will repay according to each one

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2 Responses to A New Look at Paul, Judgment According to Works

  1. Steve says:

    James the Just (Desposyni) made the ruling in this matter not Paul.

  2. Paul wrote in the 1st century before the Sages and Rabbis began to say that following the Torah gave people a share in the World to Come. If you look back to Deuteronomy 11 one realises that the rewards and punishments for following the Torah are this-worldly.

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