A New Look at Paul, The Righteousness of God

This is the third is a series discussing some ideas that are central to Paul and are part of the New Perspective on Paul. As I have said in the previous two articles, there is not one New Perspective, but there are many New Perspectives. Some are roundly criticizing the New Perspective on Paul. For some this is because one New Perspective writer has said something deemed unscriptural and so the whole lot is rejected. For others who criticize the New Perspective, it is all about defending certain Reformation views on the meaning of Paul. There was much light in the Reformation but there were also many errors. Scripture deserves a fresh reading, not a tight clinging to yesterday’s ideas for the sake of tradition. WARNING: THIS ONE IS A BIT MORE DIFFICULT THAN THE LAST TWO. TAKE A FEW EXTRA MINUTES TO READ AND THINK ABOUT WHAT THIS MEANS.

I was inspired to write this series when I read an article by my favorite New Testament theologian, N.T. Wright. How can anyone doubt a New Testament scholar with those initials!

What does Paul mean when he uses the phrase

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  1. PB and J says:


    i think you address the difference with dexterity. but i want to ask a question, if we buy the concept of New Creation (NT Wright speaks a lot about it) then couldnt Messiah’s death atone for our sins, but the resurrection bring about our righteousness? ie we are people who through Messiah are becoming new creatures, ie righteous?

    i am not saying i believe this, but isnt this a response that deserves some thought?


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