Sabbath Meditation, Amos and the Plowman

Shalom all, I hope you are preparing for a good Sabbath or (a good worship weekend if you not Jewish). I will be firing up the grill to prepare some fresh burgers for a laid-back Sabbath tonight with just my family. The smells from the kitchen are tempting me to eat early as my wife and a few of my children are making lunch for tomorrow and dinner for tomorrow night as well. Isn’t rest a great thing? Well, for this week’s meditation, I offer a little excerpt from my upcoming book, The Life to Come: A Messianic Jewish View of Heaven. I hope it spurs you to think about the wonderful World to Come. After all, isn’t Sabbath a picture of that world?

Note: This excerpt is from chapter 2, explaining the vision of the prophets for the World to Come:

Amos and the Plowman
Amos was a sheepherder from Tekoa, a town in Judah in the south. God didn

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  1. That is beautiful. To quote from an LWW tune… “LORD, please haste the day when sorrows fade away, and may all the world know Sabbath Peace one day.”

    Shabbat Shalom, chaver.

    (Sabbath Peace, friend.)

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