A Dose of Yeshua Spirituality

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  1. PB and J says:


    a great post. i think there is a lot to learn from Yeshua’s sermon. another good author who spent an entire book talking about the sermon was a guy named dietrich bonhoeffer. if you havent read his book “cost of discipleship”, i highly encourage you to read it.

    anyway, i think the main thing about the sermon is that it reconciles the heart and the actions. i think there is a tendency in our communities to emphasis either: the heart – spirituality leading to gnosticism, or: the actions – a disciplined life leading to going through the motions. either one is problematic.

    thus, Yeshua brings a balance. we must realize that the real issue is the heart of the matter. but this must be accompanied by action. i think this pretty much sums up the Shema as well. because we are supposed to love Hashem with all of our hearts, minds, and strength (depending on how you translate each Hebrew word). thus, God is emphasizing the inward as well as outward lives.


  2. This is an interesting insight. I did an entire series of teachings on the Sermon on the Mount, which I entitled “The Shiur on the Mount,” because my view is that it’s all about the role of Torah in our lives. Not to say that there isn’t more to it, but that was my central theme. I dubbed the first section (Matthew 5:1-20) “A Torah Attitude,” because, in my view, those 20 verses are all one thought unit, about living life with an attitude as the Torah would dictate. The idea that it may also be “about the coming kingdom and how it will reverse the injustices of this life” is intriguing, and I think it could be both… afterall, aren’t we supposed to TRY to live like we will under the reign of King Messiah?

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