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Is Big Brother Watching You?

In the age of Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and YouTube, we see a trend toward people publicizing personal information. Personal web pages, blogs, and social networking are one the rise. Is privacy important anymore when we are living our lives on … Continue reading

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Reading Christian Theology as a Messianic Jew

What is the nature of the relationship between Messianic Judaism and the Church? Should Messianic Jews praise the Church for its social triumphs or castigate the church for social offenses leading to the suffering of millions? The same unhealthy dynamic … Continue reading

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Intra-Messianic Jewish Dialogue

In 2011, an issue of Kesher was dedicated to dialogue between Jews within the ecclesia, which we might call intra-Messianic Jewish dialogue. In unprecedented numbers, Jews are reaching across denominational lines to understand each other and share in the common … Continue reading

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