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The blog of Rabbi Dr. Stuart Dauermann, teacher, mentor, radio talk show host, denizen of Los Angeles, and a visionary with a long career in Messianic Jewish activism. You can hear Rabbi Dauermann as he hosts Shalom Talk, a weekly radio show, and even listen online at Rabbi Dauermann spends time traveling nationally and internationally, and throughout the year is in Israel as a Scholar in Residence at the MJTI Jerusalem Center. He has plenty to say about Jewish-Christian relations, the need for shalom in the world, and the agenda of Messiah, the Son of David.

On Islamic Extremism and the Death of our Ambassador to Libya

Columnist Cal Thomas, in a recent article, echoes some strands of argument from my recent blog post in a manner I find most interesting. Here is part of his commentary: How could this happen?” asked Secretary of State Hillary Clinton … Continue reading

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Current Middle East Turmoil: Or, “The More Things Change The More They Remain the Same”

Rioting and mayhem against the West by Muslims claiming intolerable offense.  Is this something new, or is something we have seen before?  Certainly, one needs only to go back about 90 years to answer that question. The Declaration of the … Continue reading

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Holy Days, Holy Thoughts – Our Hazzan/Cantor

I had the privilege of being at a very good synagogue this Rosh Hashana.  In the Musaf liturgy, which is added to the morning service corresponding to the additional sacrifices that were offered on Holy Days when the Temple stood,  … Continue reading

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Did the Jewish People Have the Right to Return to Israel After So Long?

Some, like historian Arnold Toynbee, argue that the Jewish people have no right to return to Palestine after so long in exile. How are we to approach and answer this question?  In answering this in the second chapter of his … Continue reading

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Christian/Evangelical Zionism – The New Theological Swearword

As mentioned earlier, I believe that frequently the victimization narrative being promulgated in the name of the Palestinians is a clever, even cunning, propaganda approach designed to undermine Western support of the State of Israel.  In his fine book, A … Continue reading

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Theodor Herzl: God’s Secular Man of Destiny

I have already shared with all of you how I feel obliged at this time in my life and in the flow of current events to do some intensive study on the situation in the Middle East, especially related to … Continue reading

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Does Scripture Provide Precedent and Guidelines For Israel and Other Peoples in the Region to Live in Peace?

This is another foundational study for understanding what the Bible teaches concerning the Jewish people and the Land of Israel. I did these studies about ten years ago to answer some questions for my own benefit. Both those who agree … Continue reading

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Does Scripture Teach That the Jewish People Will Be Returned to the Land of Israel Prior to National Spiritual Renewal?

This study fulfills my promise to address at greater length how Scripture prophesies the return of the Jews to the Land apart from Yeshua faith, with this being a final return, not to be confused with return from the Babylonian … Continue reading

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Does Scripture Guarantee the Land of Israel to the Jewish People as a Perpetual Inheritance?

This study further presents Scripture’s arguments for Israel’s land rights in the area, which was the concern covered in the previous blog posting. In the next study, the rights of others in the area will be addressed. This posting was … Continue reading

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A Grounded Theory on Israel’s Right to the Land

Grounded theory is an inductive approach to formulating a theory which starts with an examination of the data, detecting and categorizing what one observes, and letting the theory emerge. This is to be contrasted with an approach which sets out … Continue reading

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